Comic for Friday, Jul 21, 2017


Posted July 21, 2017 at 2:55 pm

- Copy (only ever transforms Ellen)
- Scan (a separate spell used with Paste and Fusion Paste)

Both spells have to "scan" people, and both involve copying someone, but "Copy" and "Scan" are also names of separate spells. I should start givng spells weird Latin names.

- Obvious plot hole should have been obvious

For the record, the one talking is Ellen, and she's FV5'd + made herself heavier in the last panel.

Keeping things under control

And really, it's not the Copy spell I needed to be worried about. Yeah, Ellen might achieve some extremes via it, but we're talking one case of amping things up versus being able to repeat indefinitely.

There would naturally be a limit to what she could do with that, but the simplest solution is just making the Scan spell not work on enchanted forms. That contradicts nothing in the story (that spell hasn't even been used in a story yet), it allows Copy to be more fun, AND it means Ellen doesn't have a quick and easy way to covertly find out someone's "default" form, which I'd say is good for story reasons.

Of course, Ellen can still take advantage of Grace not technically ever being enchanted, but there are fewer extremes she can take it to, and that was always going to be a thing to some degree.

Sidenote: I'm really happy with how Angel Nanase's wings looks in my evolving style. Having some lines be lighter really helps with keeping things from looking too busy (and weirdly wrinkly in some cases).


I've been informed that those pigtails shouldn't be possible given how much hair would be left for them. To that I say "magic" and "stylized" and "never underestimate volumizer".