Comic for Monday, Jul 3, 2017


Posted July 3, 2017 at 3:44 am

Not until I had the comic fully inked and shaded did I realize you can barely tell she's doing anything specific with her thumb in panel two just by the drawing, and decided to toss in the arrow for good measure.

And now, a confession: When I posted the previouc comic, I was planning for a different hand pose that would apply a transformation to someone, but ONLY affect their clothing. For example, Ellen could zap Nanaze with that heavy beam, use this hand pose, and Nanase wouldn't change, but her clothing would resize as though to fit the heavier form.

That might sound fun, but when I took a step back and considered where that fit into canon, I couldn't find a place for it. It's basically just another way to make clothes not fit right. In spite of scenarios possibly suggesting otherwise in Ellen Demo, a lot of what I've been doing here has been making it so that sort of thing doesn't have to accompany Ellen's transformations as much in canon.

So I decided against that being canon, but I had already said there was "another hand pose" in the previous comic. Eventually, I stumbled on the idea of preventing splash zappage. I think that's a good one for Ellen to have, and it could actually be used at some point.