Comic for Friday, Feb 17, 2017


Posted February 17, 2017 at 12:57 am

It's pretty gosh diddly darn significant that these two are getting this information in a canon storyline, but I already used the "oh SNAP" graphic recently, and I dare not abuse its power.

While I did know what sort of thing's Pandora's note was going to address when I first wrote it, I did not actually have it written in advance. It's possible I should have drawn a bigger piece of paper, but luckily for me, Catalina's got my back with a big old lampshade in panel two.

Due to how visually similar this and the previous comic are, and how it's a continuation of the same note, I wound up making both comics at the same time. I had them both open and just went back and forth between them at each stage of production. It was a little awkward and I'm not sure I'd go about it exactly like that again, but I was thrilled to have both of them done on Monday.