Comic for Saturday, Jan 14, 2017


Posted January 14, 2017 at 12:37 am

I spent a long time considering what exactly this comic was going to be, which might seem odd, as this is the obvious logical next step to what's been happening.

Basically, what happened is this: Wednesday's comic is a combination of what I'd originally written for another comic mixed with establishing Kitty's perception of what's actually happening. I then was trying to sort out how to take what I didn't put in the previous comic from that original comic I mentioned into this comic, but there wasn't enough content on that alone, and the solutions I thought of came with redundancies, and...

I'm not making this clear at all, am I? Right. Wibbly wobbly writey stuff happened, and a joke that could have been today's comic will be reworked for a future comic. There. That makes sense.


Also, yes, Kitty is a T-Rex. Roar.