Comic for Friday, Mar 25, 2016


Posted March 25, 2016 at 1:01 am

I developed this chibi style for the “in game” moments in this storyline for a few reasons.

One, it’s cute.
Two, it allows me to have more fun with the designs and amplifies the parody element.
Three, it makes it easier to establish scenes and characters in a single panel which is key given the space provided.
Four, I’ve actually considered doing a gaming comic spinoff with Grace in a style like this.
Five, did I mention it’s cute?
I wrote this entire storyline in advance, which is really what I should do much more frequently. I have a tendency to run into storylines with a basic outline that inevitably evolves and expands, and then I’m shocked seventy or so comics later at how long the storyline has turned out.
I bring this up because, at one point, the script didn’t include this introduction to the basic plot of the game. The next comic would be the introduction to Grace playing the game, which would’ve been fine for anyone already familiar with the game, and potentially very confusing for everyone else.
Heck, just the fact that the protagonist is referred to as a courier is important, and that was almost something I was just going to expect people to know about. I would chastise past me for this, but they clearly already fixed the problem, so fine then, I guess. I’ll let it go this time.