Comic for Friday, Jan 8, 2016


Posted January 8, 2016 at 1:01 am

There's no quick and easy way to sum things up that covers everything, but I felt out of everything I could address, I wanted to address how blame is a factor. "No, see, I'm a pure, good person! T'was that temptress that tempted me with temptation!"

And, of course, how in spite of not approving of the double standard, one can be influenced by it, because we're social animals with feelings, darn it.

(And we can totally be embarassed about our bodies even if we think we shouldn't be. Not that I'm super experienced with that and refuse to go swimming or anything.)

And now to paraphrase myself from elsewhere on the interwebs regarding why I don't show certain things (with additional thoughts after):

The main reason - While I don’t believe this double standard should exist, it does. It would have an impact on where and when people could read the comic, and who would / could read the comic. I could show them, but there would be genuine consequences that I am not in a position to comfortably deal with.

The secondary reason - Again, while I don’t believe the double standard should exist, every year I have spent alive has been spent in a society in which it does. I would be lying if I said that publicly sharing such drawings wouldn’t make me feel uncomfortable, even if it is mostly* irrational.
* See main reason

The Tertiary reason - Never are people more critical or nitpickish than in matters regarding things they would prefer to find sexy, and dealing with additional criticism regarding anatomy would be a whole new potential source of stress.
Annnnd paraphrasing over.
Basically, the main reason is reason enough why there'll never be certain things in the comic itself. The other two reasons are why I won't post such drawings elsewhere, at least for now. That could change, but only if my personal feelings change. Trying to convince me with logic won't help with the last two reasons, as that's a matter of personal emotional progression.

i am trying to care less about what others think (in a good way), though! I got a honey badger plushie for Christmas (whom I've named Oda), and it's doing its best to remind me not to give a carp what others think and do what I want. It's also doing its best to savagely attack me, but it's a plushie, so that's fine.