Comic for Monday, Jan 4, 2016


Posted January 4, 2016 at 1:01 am

- Revenge of the Angelic Tweeting Bird


One of the reasons Grace didn't transform before returning to the basement was simply how truly subtle the transformation is. There's definitely a difference to her figure, but it could take a second glance to even realize she'd become male, and the difference isn't particularly apparent without showing her torso.

This could have been problematic, which naturally brings us to the next topic...

Much like the previous comic with the angelic tweeting bird and the commentary therein, this is a comic that could prompt a predictable discussion about shirts and the okayness of their absence. It could, therefore, be considered in my best interest to address that right here and now so as to prevent an onslaught of questions and opinions being sent to me.

The problem with that, however, is that this isn't the comic commentary to do that in. Doing so would, in fact, be stepping on the toes of future comics, which I do not intend to do. It is rude to step on the toes of comics, and confusing, for one would assume they have not the toes to step on.

So please, keep that in mind.

One potentially obvious question I will answer now, however, is this: No, they can't see the angelic tweeting bird. The bird exists outside of the fourth wall, as hinted at by what happens when she overlaps with the panel border (and, you know, nobody reacting to the suddenly appearing bird with the halo).

Second potentially obvious question I will answer now: Yes, I have just now arbitrarily decided that the angelic tweeting bird is a girl.