Comic for Thursday, Nov 19, 2009


Posted November 19, 2009 at 1:00 am

This whole horse belt thing might seem like it could never be canon, but we'll see about that... oh yes... we shall see...

Anyway, I've liked the idea of Grace having a full horse form as an emergency mode of transport for herself and others for a while now. As much as I like that idea conceptually, however, I think Tedd being the horse is funnier.

I also like the line "100% horse". I'm going to try to work it into everyday conversation. Wish me luck!

I'm experimenting with the fashion of the characters, and one idea I have for Tedd and Grace is a theme of loose fitting clothing. The difference between the two is Grace would wear clothing designed to be loose, whereas Tedd looks like he's wearing clothes that are simply too big for him. In this strip, Grace is wearing a style that actually exists and is intentionally over-sized, while Tedd probably should've bought a smaller lab coat.

Speaking of fashion, there's Tedd's glasses. As established early on, they can be used to enhance how he sees things, so I figure it would be common for him to wear his glasses while in the process of experimenting and building things. I prefer he have them off in most cases so he can be more expressive with his eyes, but I think it's good to keep them around for times when they would logically be useful.

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