Comic for Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015


Posted September 2, 2015 at 1:02 am

U mad? Oh. U really are mad. U have pitchforks and torches and everything. Where, um, where did U buy those? I like them! They're really WAIT HEAR ME OUT!

Firstly, I just find this amusing. Secondly, I chose this for today's comic because I wasn't sure if I was done with the tea or not, and the idea was already in my head and could be done quickly. That last EGS:NP basically ate up my last Saturday (but I already talked about that).

That said, there'll probably be at least one more comic dealing with the tea, and after that it's up in the air again. I do know that there are certain ideas I have regarding tea transformations that are a bit more than I'm willing to post on the site. Like, not too much more in terms of "well, I never!", but Monday's EGS:NP was already pretty much at the limit of what I'm comfortable with, and there are ideas I like that go past that by just enough for me to say "ehhhhhh that really shouldn't be in the archives..."

That said, I'm considering options for posting such things elsewhere, which would probably just mean another blog on Tumblr and more posts on Patreon. I'll let everyone know if that becomes a reality.