Comic for Wednesday, Jul 29, 2015


Posted July 29, 2015 at 1:54 am

- It's even canon that she saw it, yo

Wreck It Ralph made me think. Like, a LOT. The movie is just packed with things that raise further questions, several of which I can't elaborate on without going into spoiler territory, but here are a few things to ponder:

- Ralph at one point says that he loves his mama. Ralph has a mom?

- The characters don't age, but they have "been around" for a set amount of time. Is their age how long they've been plugged in, that plus their programmed age, or just their programmed age?

- What, if anything, does a power outage mean for these characters?

- How much of who the characters are, and how they view other characters, is determined by their programming?

- What happens in the event of duplicate machines? How different would a second Ralph be?

These were all things I considered while watching the movie for the first time. This should give some idea of how my brain works (as opposed to over a decades worth of comics and commentaries).