Comic for Wednesday, Apr 15, 2015


Posted April 15, 2015 at 1:01 am

She didn't say it was dangerous to USE it. Some readers were concerned that this might be a YOU DIE IN THE GAME, YOU DIE FOR REAL sort of situation, but nope.

I enjoy implying the possibility of a higher power without ever confirming or denying it. It's how I roll. Granted, "nothing living" could mean a lot of things, but I wanted to at least attempt to imply a being beyond the mortal realm without using the word "mortal" because, well, that could easily be read as implying that immortals like Pandora can pause reality.

(Spoiler warning: They can't pause reality)

(Spoiler warning 2: They CAN pause live television)

(Spoiler warning 3: But only if they have a DVR)