Comic for Wednesday, Feb 18, 2015


Posted February 18, 2015 at 1:01 am

Lavender is looking at Mr. Verres in panel two. I know you can't see her head, but it's totally true. Granted, even if you could see her head, it might not be entirely clear. Her eyes are, like, all pupil. It can easily be unclear where exactly she's looking.

Then again, she IS an uryuom. A very elaborately morphed Uryuom, certainly, but an uryuom nonetheless. Who's to say she even needs to rotate her eyes? What if she looks straight ahead, left, right, up, and down all at once just by having her eyes open?!

I don't know if that'll wind up being canon, but I bet she blinks a lot if that's the case.

You know, I feel kind of guilty covering up Lavender's head with a speech bubble. It's simply a result of her standing and Verres sitting, but still. Note to self: More appearances for Lavender when possible.

And now for something completely different

Story comics were on break at the time when I posted this, so I'll be announcing sketchbooks and commentaries here for this and the next four EGS:NPs. There'll be sketchbooks starting Thursday, but for now...

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