Comic for Monday, Nov 10, 2014


Posted November 10, 2014 at 1:01 am

 As mentioned in the previous commentary. this comic was essentially going to be, well, a commentary. Basically, just Tedd listing a whole bunch of options and what-not. I prefer it in comic form, because really, it makes sense to ask what the ready-made options are, particularly when there's a giant Nanase who's been a good sport but is growing a little impatient nearby.

Speaking of whom, Nanase was originally going to have a tone closer toTedd's face in the last panel with no response from Tedd, but no. Nanase is intrigued, as I'm asuming many would be. Such as myself, who, when younger, thought drawing that would be a great idea, and then concluded otherwise once done with said drawing and never spoke of it again.

What? That last paragraph was typing. That's not speaking of it.