Comic for Wednesday, Oct 22, 2014


Posted October 22, 2014 at 3:32 am

Dangerously tight? No. Pretty snug? Yep. I've had shirts that were safe to wear that clung like that. I mean, they were safe to wear in that there was no harm done to me. There was probably at least some harm in me personally unleashing myself upon the world while wearing such a shirt.

I considered a lot of different lines for panel two, but ultimately I went with reinforcement of that whole "Nanase and Ellen like each other" dealie. You know, just in case people didn't know. This has the added benefit of making clear that the fantasy was NOT about putting on a show for her current audience.

I ALSO originally planned to try and make panel two realistic in that the point the shirt would theortically tear along the seams first. I mean, as far I know. This sort of thing doesn't happen in reality all that much. In any case, trying to do things that way just wasn't getting me results that were visually interesting at all, nor was it clear that the "realism" I was going for was even what was happening.

My frustration over this resulted in a three tweet rant that shall now combine into a rambling single paragraph:

"That moment when you're trying to draw something realistically and it sucks because realistically it would suck and you say why am I doing this and you think back to all those unrealistic visuals in movies and you're like I understand you now movie industry so you offer to buy Michael Bay a drink and he accepts and you have a nice lunch together but then the lunch explodes because he's Michael Bay."