Comic for Wednesday, Oct 15, 2014


Posted October 15, 2014 at 6:28 am

 For the record, Nanase has no romantic interest in Grace. She just kinda sorta maybe thinks she's hot and maybe sometimes imagines Grace and Ellen doing stuff. That's not WEIRD or anything. It's a perfectly natural thing for a Nanase to do!

ANYWAY, I was originally going to skip addressing why just replacing these morphs with other morphs wasn't a viable solution for the sake of pacing and make note of it in the commentary for NERDS, but enough people asked about it that I decided "yeeeeah, I'd better explain why that's not an option". Not that this is a very technical explanation, which is what I was worried about doing. This is just "yeah, these are more like Elliot's morphs than the TF gun's" rather than "divert power to the port deflector drive doo-hicky-a..." I think my technobabble engine just died on me.

In any case, this means the inevitable question: Can Elliot's forms be trasnformed by the TF gun and get results relevant to those forms? Answer: Did Tedd not just basically say that's what would happen?

Incidentally, it's possible that oversized shirt in panel three had its own separate layer and I actually drew what's under it. Or maybe that's a lie! The world may never know.