Comic for Wednesday, Aug 20, 2014


Posted August 20, 2014 at 1:00 am

Tedd somehow looks more masculine to me than normal in these past two comics. Something about the hair, maybe? She'd fit right in on That Seventies Show.

Really, if you're going to already be trusting them not to abuse the clone form, you may as well trust Grace not to abuse having the ability to turn into you without a transformation beam. If she were going to abuse having access to that form, the ship's already sailed with the former.

That said, I can totally understand Nanase's reaction.

The one sacrifice I had to make as a result of this being an EGS:NP comic and not a page-sized story comic is that there wasn't room for Susan to make the following point:

"I make redundant copies of my homework. I'm not going to be less thorough with myself."