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Posted December 3, 2009 at 1:00 am

TF Busters parodies Mythbusters, as should be obvious to all familiar with the show. The Mythbusters tackle urban myths, misconceptions, and blow stuff up. The TF Busters address questions regarding transformation and zap things.

And no, Grace and Tedd will not continue cosplaying as Jamie and Adam beyond this comic. I believe that would be going a bit too far.

I have a lot to say about TF Busters, but first, a paragraph of praise for what it's parodying:

I could rant for days about how much I like Mythbusters and respect its hosts, and I really do mean respect. These guys are smart, talented, and Jamie's biography reads like some sort of folk hero. I've had a parody comic in mind for a while where Jamie would be turned into a girl and the only thing that would bother him would be the loss of his facial hair, but I haven't made it simply due to the fact that I doubt Jamie himself would appreciate it (and that's keeping in mind that he'd probably never even see it).

Now for TF Busters. This idea goes back a few years. I actually presented it to readers as the equivalent of an improv routine. Readers could suggest transformation myths, and my characters would address them. Sounded like fun to me.

Problem was, I must not have communicated the concept well, because I didn't get questions. I was sent ideas for experiments, how they would be conducted, what would happen, etc. All I wanted was some questions (aka a setup). Anything beyond that defeated the purpose of the improve concept. I believe my mistake was asking specifically for "myths", which I think confused people.

Using this comic as an example, this is what I would have wanted:

"Do transgender transformations result in immediate wardrobe malfunctions and extensive self examination?"

This, however, is more along the lines of what I got:

"Test if transgender transformations result in immediate wardrobe malfunctions and extensive self examination by having Tedd zap Elliot, and have Elliot have to hold up his pants and tell Tedd that they've both been transformed before which makes the test pointless. Elliot should be in work out clothes. Also, give Tedd and Grace mustaches and have Grace's be real."

It's like giving suggestions to an improv performance. When they ask for a place, all they're looking for is the place, not who's there or what will happen. They want the beginning, not the middle, end, or any of the finer details. The question about transformation would have been the TF Busters equivalent.

I already have "myths" I've come up with myself and am not currently planning to address fan questions, though it could happen in this or future installments if people send me questions I want to have Tedd and Grace address.

I don't wanna sound harsh, but I feel I should be clear: If I get sent more of a story than a question, I'm likely to close the e-mail without finishing it. or not open it if I can tell from the subject line. That's actually my policy in general for when I'm sent story and character ideas. It's nothing personal, but there are many reasons for it.

With that out of the way, enjoy the busting ^_^

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