Comic for Wednesday, Aug 9, 2017


Posted August 9, 2017 at 6:45 pm

I forgot Hanma's earrings in this comic, which is a thing I have done in every comic she's been in thus far (except the first one), resulting in me having to edit them back in. I've decided to just leave them off for the time being, at least, as they're proving to be a nuisance.


I've revealed who's going to be playing elsewhere, so this likely won't be a surprise for many readers when it's first posted, but yes, Susan is going to be one of the players!

Not Rich, though. Rich is just here to say "humbug". Thank you, Rich. You may leave now.

That Goku

I'm trying to keep references people need to be familiar with to get what's being said, but I couldn't resist referencing Goku. For anyone not familiar with him:

Goku: Protagonist of the Dragon Ball series who, in spite of attempts by the anime and American localization attempts to portray otherwise, was never intended by the creator to be a truly noble hero. He fights bad guys and does good things, but he's mostly just looking for strong people to fight, and is totally willing to put others in danger to get his fill.

Though, come to think of it, he is specifically established as being pure of heart. Maybe that doesn't mean what I think it means?

A genre

Speaking of references, Susan says "feels like" because I really don't know how many movies that applies to, but it's how I felt after watching (possible minor spoiler for popular movies most of you will having already seen incoming but I didn't know this was applicable to the first one mentioned before I saw it so spoiler warning I suppose all the saem) Doctor Strange, and having already seen Iron Man.