Comic for Friday, Jul 14, 2017


Posted July 14, 2017 at 4:24 pm

- Putting her hands together

And then tall FV5ish Sarah-Nanase met tall muscular Diane-Elliot, and... NOTHING HAPPENED. Obviously. Surely. Don't ask questions.

Anyway. now for height stuff, because of course there's height stuff.

Sarah is about 5' 3" (160m), and tall, FV5ish Sarah-Nanase is about 6' (1.83m) Tall.

Diane is around 5' 5" (1.65m), muscular, tall Diane is about 6' 3.4" (1.91m) tall, and tall muscular Diane-Elliot about 6' 6.2" (1.98m)

EDIT: Some of the metric conversions were off. I have no explanation other than I was really tired and hungry when I first did them. Still haven't had dinner, actually, so I guess we'll see how I did this time around.

ALSO, forgot a decimal, making it look like Diane-Elliot was 6' 62" (aka  11' 2", or 3.4m).