Comic for Friday, Feb 20, 2009


Posted February 20, 2009 at 1:00 am
From this page of the sketchbook:

One of the issues I run into while designing EGS characters is just how similar they all wind up looking. I run into trouble searching for variety without breaking the style that I have established. This is even harder if my goal is to modify an existing character.

One method I am now experimenting with is drawing the character in a different, much more extreme style, then pulling back from it. One of the few experiments I’m comfortable actually showing is this one with Raven.

The extreme first step was, of course, #1. I then pulled back from the extreme to something that better fits the EGS style. I’m also experimenting with profiles, as people have highly varied facial profiles, and I’m tired of giving all my characters essentially the same side view structure.

...I MIGHT have gone a bit too far with Raven’s profile, but that’s what sketchbooks are for ^^;