Comic for Thursday, Oct 2, 2003


Posted October 2, 2003 at 1:00 am

What's this? Important exciting plot stuff involving acorns and the devil?! Ye gods... What if the devil were to bribe squirrels into doing his bidding, or plant a bunch of trees?! THAT MONSTER!

Anyhoo, hey, a billboard! And Jeremy! Let's zoom in a bit, SHALL WE?

"The Truth Ain't Out There (Pie Tin! That's All!)"

"Uryuom Minority Rights Assured!"

"WANTED: Elvis (At Large)"

"FBI Agents Fired"

"Dry Clean"

That Elvis one was the one that convinced me that zooming in was a good idea, because I honestly had no idea who was "wanted" without looking at the high-res version.

I'm not sure who published that Uryuom Minority Rights article, what with all the secrecy. Maybe it's like in Men In Black and the tabloids actually have accurate reporting on alien stuff?