Comic for Tuesday, Dec 10, 2002


Posted December 10, 2002 at 1:00 am

 Susan, I would judge you for that unnecessary sass towards Greg, but that's most likely actually MY sass in response to readers who were mysteriously confused by my phenomenally good method of drawing someone coated in green slime (i.e. make every hue on them green and totally don't make it look like slime or what's on everyone else).

You did inexplicably call Nanase something I don't even want to repeat here earlier (starts with an "sl") and I missed it, however, so... Yeah. I'm making it canon that you apologized for THAT off-panel, too.

Seriously, I tend to skip my own huge blocks of text in these old comics on account of me already knowing the key points and being plenty busy, and after I wrote about Susan apologizing to Greg, someone asked "what about apologizing to Nanase for calling her that thing?" My genuine response was "Susan called Nanase WHAT?!" I was genuinely shocked, and not just because Susan wouldn't have any basis... for...


Sorry, what was I saying? I just that moment noticed Greg's torso in the first panel. Methinks I forgot a line somwhere and filled in way more that I should have.

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