Comic for Monday, Dec 23, 2002


Posted December 23, 2002 at 1:00 am

"Who's that guy who sounds like your dad and nothing like that one guy who just dropped us off here a few minutes ago? Is it that guy? IS IT?!"

To be fair, it's reasonable to asume that Elliot didn't actually hear Tedd's dad and is reacting to the "oh no", but it's my JOB to poke fun at my old work, and... Holy crap. That is actually is part of my job description right now. I have a weird life.

I suppose I really should link back to the explanation of Grace's brothers at some point, so here it is! Yay.

None of them have their priorities straight. If they did, they would be playing collectable card games.

Tedd's dad smokes early on because of The X-Files. Seriously, referencing some character on the a TV show is the only reason. He presumably kicked the habit later, which is good.

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