Comic for Friday, Jul 31, 2015


Posted July 31, 2015 at 4:04 pm

Dreamcatcher was objectively not cool, Elliot! Deal with it! Yes, I enjoyed it for some reason, too.

I naturally came up with the idea for this comic while putting dishes away and thinking "opinons can be wrong, dammit!" I initially figured I'd call out some valid real life example, but nuts to that. Internet review show banter is the way of the future.

What is more universally valid is how people feel with those wacky emotions of theirs, as we can't really help those. If we could flip on and off emotions however it was convenient for us, not only would things be a lot simpler, but psychologists would probably be out of a job. Telling someone their involuntary emotional response to a stimuli is wrong is just irrational.

On the other hand, someone's opinion that koalas are bad because koalas use jet packs to steal our Lucky Charms cereal is just wrong. Granted, it's a valid opinion in the sense that it would be a darn good reason to object to koalas if they did do that, but they don't, so it's just silly and wrong. Everyone knows it's leprechauns who do that, and you shouldn't have taken their cereal from them in the first place. Jerk.