Comic for Friday, Feb 5, 2010


Posted February 5, 2010 at 1:00 am
Grace alert! Raise shields against cuteness!

And yes, of course Tedd is picturing outfits from the original series. As much as I wuv the reboot, I prefer the longer sleeved versions of the classic female uniforms. I mean, the short skirts already create a conflict between the male and female crew members over a comfortable setting for the thermostat. Was it really necessary to exacerbate the conflict?

Combine Susan and Tedd's criticisms and concerns and you pretty much have the main reasons Star Trek Online doesn't have a stranglehold on me. My idea of an ideal Star Trek game would be a sandbox RPG with missions and free roaming exploration. There'd be combat, sure, but I would want a dialogue system similar to the one found in the Mass Effect games, rich stories and diplomatic solutions. I would also want minigames and interactive plays in the holodeck (imagine that combined with Mass Effect's dialogue system).

As for the Bridge Crew, I have not played the game, but I have watched reviews of the game. It is my understanding that your Bridge Crew is like equipment for your ship that you can level, complete with rarities and special abilities. That makes them feel like items to me, and I don't want that. A Star Trek game is one where I would totally get into the roleplaying aspect of it, even in single player, and I want the Bridge Crew to matter. I want a Spock to my Kirk, a first officer I rely on and care about. I don't want to swap him out when I get a rare drop first officer or however that works.

That said, it does make me picture having Zachary Quinto as a first officer and then replacing him after getting Leonard Nimoy as a rare drop. Or maybe the other way around... I like them both, darn it. Maybe they can share the job and Quinto can just sit on Nimoy's lap or something.