Comic for Friday, Mar 1, 2002


Posted March 1, 2002 at 1:00 am

Banned from…?! *Erhem* Joking. He’s joking. It’s an attempt at humor, as Tedd does. It really has to be, because he is soooooo not canonically banned from “that are of the mall”. Yeesh.

Anyway, um… Look at that computer monitor! They used to be huge in every way but actual screen size, and heavy. Nowadays, even huge (MOSTLY in screen size) TVs are light enough for me to carry them around. At least, most of them. I assume I’d run into some trouble holding onto a 60” TV or something, but then I’ve never tried. Would I get into trouble for running into a Best Buy and trying to left the big screen TVs? Would that end badly?

I also forgot that your pet creature in Black and White could eat your villagers. I guess the “good” option in that moral choice game would be to stop them from doing so, but really, shouldn’t you want to do that in any case? Even if one’s totally evil, the villagers are a resource. Probably best if the local god’s pet doesn’t eat them all.

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