Comic for Friday, Oct 23, 2015


Posted October 23, 2015 at 5:12 am

I'm not sure why I failed to include a mess of Carol references in the previous comic's commentary, but here are some now:

- Carol's first appearance
- Carol's biggest news moment ever (Pandora)
- Carol meets Justin
- Carol revealed as Sarah's sister

In all fairness, this may well be the standard procedure that news reporters use for deciding who to interview. They don't show that part on the actual news, and I'm not sure how they actually go about it. It's sort of like how I never quite knew what cheerleaders did during football games until I actually wound up at one for some reason, as they don't seem to show them leading any cheers during the broadcasts I've seen.

Sidenote: I've heard cheerleaders are terribly underpaid given the hours they work both on and off the field. Not cool, NFL. I'd threaten to boycott, but my only current interest in Football anyway at the moment is the occasional impact they have on pizza discount deals.

Seriously, places sometimes have deals as high as 50% depending on sports scores. It's enough to make one want to pay at least enough attention to know if there's going to be a deal, and...

Wait, what was today's comic about?