Comic for Wednesday, Feb 26, 2014


Posted February 26, 2014 at 3:40 am

- Flashback the first
- Flashback the second

This comic took me longer than I though it would to make, and it should be obvious why. That's right: replacing those pupils in the flashback with the modern style took me HOURS.

No, that's a horrible lie. In truth, I found myself fighting with myself over the script and how much to say, how much to not say, and in what order to say or not say those things.

In one version, "this is from my sister" wasn't in the last panel. I don't know what past me was thinking. I would punch him in the face, but I can only punch future me. You might feel compelled to correct me after reading that last sentence, but you'd be wrong. It is physically impossible to punch your present self, as by the time your punch actually lands, you will already be future you. Of course, you will be present you then, but past you was the one who made the decision to do the punching, so really, only past you can punch future you. Present you can think about it, but present you is too slow to actually get the job done.

The hell did I just type? Well, anyway, there's one more comic left in this storyline! And it's on a Thursday.