Comic for Friday, Apr 20, 2012


Posted April 20, 2012 at 1:00 am
If anyone can still blame Tedd for wanting to perform those tests after this comic's revelation, it would be enough to boggle my fragile little mind.

Zap mats and mirrors

The so-called "zap mat" has been vaguely visible in the background a couple of times, but has never actually been mentioned or put to use.

When further refining the layout of Tedd's basement, I decided to include a specific spot for zapping people with the transformation gun, and while the little "x" I put on the floor has yet to be visible, the cushioned mat that's been propped up on the wall behind it has occasionally been visible, even if it was not clear what it was.

The mirror, meanwhile, has never been there before. This is simply because it is new, which isn't terribly shocking, but if anyone is desperate to point out a plot hole, I suppose they could claim it to be some manner of one.