Comic for Monday, Jan 10, 2011


Posted January 10, 2011 at 1:00 am
Relevant hormonal male Susan links with Grace, Sarah, and Justin.

Part of me really wanted to put a "nom" sound effect by Tedd in panel one. Another part of me felt it would be overindulgent and clutter the panel. I'll probably be going back and forth on which side of me was right for years to come.

I'm not sure if it's clear, but Susan is brushing her hair off of her shoulder in panel one. I imagine anyone with hair that long would have moments of having to perform the occasional hair wrangling, particularly when attempting to get comfortable after sitting down.

Of course, it could be worse.

Of coats and solitude

Yes, it's finally happened. After nearly nine years, the coat of solitude returns. You can all officially take a few months off from e-mailing me questions regarding when it will be in the comic again.

Grace's Theory

Here's why Grace thinks sexy posing could work, and here's why Elliot doesn't think it's gonna work. He didn't bring up his hot angsty form in this comic, but hey, that could mean any number of things, including "the girls started talking crazy before he could bring it up".

Chekhov's Gun

After last Wednesday's comic's, I received a few e-mails regarding the commentary and that the whole "Tedd's in the first panel because he has a joke in the last panel" is basically the literary concept known as Chekhov's gun.

Chekhov's gun is something I believe I've referenced in the commentary before, but I've always thought of it in terms of critical plot elements. In spite of this line of thinking, the term definitely applies to Tedd being there for a joke. As interesting as this information is, it has the unfortunate implication of fueling Star Trek / EGS slash fiction on account of being able to refer to Tedd in that comic as "Chekov's Tedd".

Chekhov's Seating Arrangement

In my mind, it's a little weird that Elliot and Sarah wouldn't be sitting next to each other. The seating arrangement they're in, however, is the result of where the comic goes after panel three and what was best for the layout given the dialogue. If pressed, I could give several innocent, and possibly convoluted, explanations of how they wound up in that seating arrangement, but it's REALLY not worth anyone's time.