Comic for Wednesday, Jul 6, 2011


Posted July 6, 2011 at 1:00 am
- MV3 Susan
- MV4 Nanase
- MV5 Sarah
- MV2 Grace
- The golden rule regarding "why forms are what they are" (Also an example of MV1)

This is among the oldest and most frequently recurring questions I've been asked, and it's also one of the simplest to answer. Or, at least, I thought it was. I fully expected to build this comic entirely around Tedd's "nothing" response, but then I, too, was reminded of the simple fact that they wound up designing and using four custom male variants for Grace's birthday party.

Now granted, I know most people asking the question aren't really asking from the perspective of what would Tedd logically program into the gun or whatever. It's more likely that they just want to see a male equivalent of the FV5 transformation, which I would argue is an easy thing to imagine. It would just be a male transformation that results in a form that basically fits a criteria of attractiveness set by whoever programmed it.

For example, it's entirely possible that such a form programmed by Amanda would result in something that looks like Raven, based on the state of her buttons.

What actually further complicates the easy is that by the time we got to Grace's party, Tedd had constructed two TF guns. Each gun can be programmed with different forms and variants, so it's entirely possible that the fifth variant of a form on one gun could be completely different on the other. So, yes, there IS a MV5 on at least one of the TF guns, but it might not even be there on the other.

Maybe we need to add another letter to the abbreviations? MV5a and MV5b, perhaps? That couldn't possibly make these comics any more confusing, could it?