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Requested by Geoffrey - Susan as Kira, Tedd as Quark, and Grace as Odo from Deep Space Nine (and Grace is male)

O_O This sketchbook has resulted in a discovery. Um... Please don't hammer me, Susan, but HELLOOOOOO NURSE!

I've previously drawn Susan effectively cosplaying as a character named Dax from DS9, whom I chose because of her distinctive (easy to draw) spots, but I always felt Kira was the better choice for Susan. Back in 2005, however, I just couldn't get the nose to look right.

I was very happy when it occurred to me that this sketchbook was also an opportunity to make a sort of meta joke about the relationship between Quark and Odo on the show, and it wouldn't suprise me if that was the requester's master plan all along.

Note: Requests are paraphrased for clarity and brevity