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- From this comic

You KNEW this was coming. Even if you THINK you didn't know this was coming, deep down? You knew.

And since I feel like including it, my response to someone asking if Tedd was changed even further between panels six and seven of the comic this originated in on account of just how feminine Tedd looks:

"It’s the same reason Rich and Larry could mistake Tedd for being female earlier, actually. Tedd’s physique isn’t terribly androgynous once you get a clear look at his/her form, but put some loose clothing on him/her, and he/she can appear to be either sex (using both pronouns as this applies to either case).

In panel seven, Tedd’s overshirt is blown open and the black shirt conforms to her figure. Shirt hanging loose: Androgynous Tedd, as the curves (or lack thereof) are hidden. Shirt open: Clearly male or female Tedd. Basically, the key to Tedd being truly androgynous is loose clothing.

In panel 8, the overshirt is still open. You can’t see below her shoulders, but the look created by it gives an implication of a female form. That said, panel 8 is definitely not artistic license, so that shirt which was keeping Tedd androgynous probably isn’t doing that at the moment…"

And in response to someone declaring their disappointment that female Tedd didn't have smaller breasts:

"They look bigger than they are in today’s comic. I very deliberately posed Tedd to make one visible in silhouette in order to accentuate her female form, and the blue shirt being off to the side combined with the black shirt also gives the illusion of increased size. She’s actually comparable to Sarah."