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Good sketchbook to compare to

This was an experiment... FOR SCIENCE! Incidentally, Ashley is balancing on the toes of one leg. I'm not sure why one leg, but then I frequently stand around on one leg and I have no idea why I do it, either. I JUST DO, OKAY?!

I was thinking that , seeing as the comic is all in color now and stuff, perhaps I should experiment with how I shade things that are dark enough to be mostly black. I tried a few different things (I have an Illustrator file with a mess of layers), and this is the result I'm most pleased with.

I don't think it's quite there yet. The shading on Susan's bangs is too busy, and... Actually, that's the main criticism I have. The rest looks pretty decent in my mind, and more three dimensional than before.

That said, I'll probably never be 100% satisfied and keep making small changes to the end of time. I mean, I already made Susan's eyes a little bigger after having shrunk them before. Not quite as big as before the shrinking. Like, halfway between where they were and where I shrunk them too. That generally seems to be how I roll. I make a change that goes a little too far, but there was a reason I made the change so going back all the way is no good, so I wind up with something inbetween that I'm happy with for a while prior to flipping out and making some othr change.