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Requested by Jonathan Fillmore - Justin as a cool commander guy of some sort of Federation in space
It could be any federation, really. I mean, it's totally Star Trek: The Next Generation, but you can't know that for sure. You should watch it and buy whatever products may be available for it, including the HD version that I'm totally gonna get someday.
I tried to think of some different cool commander poses for Justin, but stoically facing some unknown individual(s) on the ship's viewscreen seemed like the best option. That's how Captain Picard does, and Picard's the coolest guy who's ever been cool (yes, he beats the Fonz). I considered having him do the Picard maneuver, but that's only cool as one is getting up, not when they're already addressing...
Oh. It occurs to me that not everyone knows that the maneuver is. Well, OFFICIALLY, it's this cool starship maneuver that involves some manner of after-image trickery. UNOFFICIALLY, it's when Picard adjusts his shirt after standing up (and possibly sitting down?), which is pretty much always necessary.
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