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Requested by ME! For the last Milestone - Susan as a female Meowstic from Pokémon

Specifically female because the male variety looks different and is distinctly less Susan-esque. Seriously, though, female Meowstic might be the most Susan-esque Pokémon ever. Just look at that photo of a figure I'm refusing to admit to buying even though I clearly bought one and took a photo of it.

I'm also refusing to admit that it was packaged with a pink and yellow heal ball, AKA the best pokéball of all time due to the fact that you can catch super menacing looking monsters in them.

The only thing that's really not Susan-esque about them is that they sort of have skirts? They really don't, because that's fur, but it looks like a skirt. I guess they're also pretty short. And they're cats. And they emit psychic energy from their ears that can crush 10-ton trucks (no, seriously, Pokémon X actually says they can do that).

My request was NOT paraphrased because it's mine, darn it