Comic for Thursday, Dec 13, 2012


Posted December 13, 2012 at 11:22 pm


Part of the inspiration for this sketchbook is that Tensaided and George sometimes get confused for one another, particularly after Tensaided was present for Duel Of The Discs and George wasn't.

George being there to talk Star Wars and card games would probably have eliminated any confusion for all time forever, but he was left out of that storyline due to the vast majority of his dialogue being points better made by Justin, Grace or Tensaided, or snarkiness that could have been funny, but not funny enough to warrant the harm it would have done to pacing. Say what you will about the pacing of that card game; it could have been muuuuuuch slower.

Anyway, to the point:

Tensaided - Manager of the video rental shop, overly enthusiastic geek who is mostly friendly but has a competitive side and limited tolerance for references not being understood.

George - Snarky comic shop employee who is a freshman in college and has, at the very least, knowledge of Star Wars and the sort of wide variety of trivia one would get after working in a comic shop and also hanging out in one during most of their free time.