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SKETCHBOOK WEEK BEGINS! Color sketchbook entries Monday through Friday! Woo! This isn't just a stalling tactic to give me time to work ahead on story comics, it's a PARTY! YEAH!

...The story will resume July 30th.

A long time ago, in a comic far, far away, I had Justin dress up like Darth Vader, but it was a small, zoomed out image in part of a panel. Somewhere at some point after that, I'm fairly certain I said something about drawing a better view of Darth Justin in a sketchbook...

Hang on... Okay, I at least mention drawing him as Vader again in the commentary for this later comic. Point is, this was destined to happen.

Well, the Justin half of it, anyway. I wound up wanting to draw Susan as well, so there she is. Huzzah!