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This was my "script" for the April 6th comic. The detail is actually excessive for what it is, and that's due to the first four poses being somewhat out of my comfort zone.

I referred to a poseable figure for all but the first and last pose. This basically involved posing a grey figure with many points of articulation in all of those poses (and held in place with a stand) and taking digital photos of it form angles I thought would look good.

I know some of you might raise an eyebrow at me even bothering to mention "digital", but I had to get film developed while growing up. The fact that I can just take dozens of photos with my iPod on a whim and have instant access to them is something I do NOT take for granted.

Incidentally, I have both male and female plastic artist models. Regardless of which gender he is at the time, I use the female artist model for Tedd. And Noah, now that I think about it.