Comic for Tuesday, Oct 4, 2011


Posted October 4, 2011 at 1:00 am
Officially, of course, Raditz is NOT Susan's father. At least, I don't THINK he is...

This is the result of running commentary I did on Twitter while watching Dragon Ball Z Kai on Saturday. The exact tweet was:

Raditz's hair... OMG, is HE Susan's father?!

Below is a compilation of those tweets. There's a fair amount of them over the course of watching three episodes, and should I do any more running commentaries in the future, they'll be on a different twitter account made specifically for stupid Twitter commentaries.


Okay, let's see how good this--GAH! THE OPENING CREDITS! THEY BURN!

"Nothing ever dies, we will rise again" - sounds about right.

Dude, Bardock! Spoilers, man! Seriously.

I actually really like the concept of the "Kai" version, i.e. "take out the filler, clean up the pacing, and make closer to the manga."

When mangas get turned into anime, they wind up with a ton of filler and padding so as to not go past the manga that's still in production.


Actually, it's probably less "go past the manga" and more "have enough episodes to show on the TV boxes"

Wow. The most surprising thing is how close these voices are to the Team Four Star version.

Rock paper scissors with a crab? If you lose at that, YOU HAVE NO FUTURE

The incredible power of Raditz made a crab fall off a palm tree! THAT BASTARD!

Krillan sounds like a prohibition era gangster. Where the hell's his cigar? Oh lord, they're still doing the next episode previews...

I really hope they aired this on television in Japan or something. If it was only on DVD, the recaps and whatnot are obnoxious.

(Somewhere, an EGS reader is enjoying the delicious justice of me being annoyed by a recap.)

Okay, they aired it in Japan. Leaving out of the DVDs would have left them incomplete, and fast forward exists. All good.

There should a Star Wars Prequel Kai. Take all three movies and edit them into one two hour master--um... passable film.

It wasn't a meteor, Raditz. Bardock spoiled that. He was a JERK.

Blue haired? It's Green! Or... aqua. More green than blue, anyway. Don't worry, Bulma. Krusty the Clown feels your pain.

Okay, this is driving me nuts. What the HELL is that red band on Raditz's upper thigh?

LOL Raditz actually says "just in case you missed anything" before recapping what was said before the commercial break.

Piccolo! *applause*

Fun fact: Piccolo and Raven hang out on weekends.

...I think Raditz just ate Bambi's mom.

Raditz: "Are you guys ready yet? No? Okay, I'll just keep standing here."

Massa-what now?

Man, I'm hungry. And I can't watch this all day. Guess I'll be done tweeting about it soon. *mass applause and jubilation*

Ouch. Raditz claims he's never known anyone as stupid as Goku, and he knows NAPPA. That's a serious burn.

All it takes is the right amount of strength to instinctively know how to spin through the air and land like an acrobat. ...wait, what?

Gohan's attacks are like me when I have low blood sugar. I'll hit something really hard, and then not feel like hitting anything anymore.

Raditz's hair... OMG, is HE Susan's father?!

You know, Raditz, there are videos on YouTube about escaping full nelsons. Just sayain.

Huh. He's dead. Wow, this really IS shorter than the original! Wait, why is there another disc, then? Oh, whatever. Lunch.