Comic for Saturday, Jun 11, 2011


Posted June 11, 2011 at 12:00 am
I had jokingly said in the comic before Elliot's "party form" transformation that Elliot was not going to be turning into a Pinkie Pie, a pink party-focused pony from the manliest show on Earth, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

This has not, however, stopped people from making jokes about similarities, which are kind of hard to avoid. While Party Elliot was not inspired by Pinkie (I had yet to watch a single episode before coming up with the form), both characters are energetic and are focused in one way or another on parties. Party Elliot's behavior is like she's at a party, whereas Pinikie's behavior is like she's an escaped Looney Toon. Who throws parties.

What's funny is that Party Elliot has wound up being compared to other characters from the show. Someone said the form reminded them of Rainbow Dash, a competitive, athletic pegasus. I'm not sure of the connection. Perhaps it's how they'd picture a humanized version of that pony? In any case, it's that comparison that led to this drawing.

Anyway, I've maxed out on manliness talking about ponies and what-not. I need to go balance things out a big by doing girly things like lifting weights or watching some manner of sporting event.