Comic for Thursday, Mar 24, 2011


Posted March 24, 2011 at 1:00 am
- Story comic for March 23, 2011

As stated in the commentary for that comic, I sketched Noah right-side up. I thought this made for an interesting and somewhat surreal visual, and it made me want to experiment with flipping the individual panels. I unfortunately didn't plan ahead for this madness, or I would have over-drawn beneath the dialogue balloons (or... text bubbles? I called them text bubbles? Yeesh) so that they could've been relatively easily re-arranged for this version of the comic.

I was originally considering posting some more of the basic model sheets I've been working on, but frankly, they're incomplete and not that interesting. At least, I don't think they are. If you think they're worthwhile sketchbook entries, let me know, but I think I should hold off on those until I have some actual finalized ones.

I have been working on Raven's design and I'm happy with his head, at least. I'm still not entirely sure how tall Raven is, believe it or not. He's spent so much time hunched over, and when his spine hasn't been hunched, he's been in weird fighting poses. Well, I guess there's this, too, but that pose was so awkward that I'm not basing anything on that.

He's at least as tall as Justin standing up straight, I know that much for sure, and that's what I went by in this scene, but he may mysteriously grow an inch or two in the future. I'll be sure to blame a wizard.