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Freshman Susan and Nanase! Or... Sophomore Susan and Nanase? They were in France after Freshman year but before Sophomore year began... hm. Slightly younger but smaller with different hairstyles Susan and Nanase! Yeah, that covers all the bases.

I sometimes forget that Susan didn't have bangs in earlier comics. I was all set to draw Fresh-soph Susan with bangs when I remembered they shouldn't be there. I know I just recently gave Sarah a hairband, but I think Susan's old hairstyle works better with one, too. I'm allowed to have multiple characters with hairbands.

I know. I asked a lawyer. I discussed it with him for five hours. It cost me nine hundred and twenty three thousand dollars, but I'm certain it's okay for both younger Susan and modern Sarah to wear hairbands. If a judge says it's not, I'll appeal the decision.

As for younger Nanase, pigtails make her look younger while still having long hair. Just having the hair come down to her shoulders wouldn't work well, and she didn't start wearing ponytails until Justin gave her one,

Hairstyle continuity and logic is serious business.