- When last we saw Rhoda...
- Rhoda design sketches
- Sketchbook teaser for Death Sentence

Before I get to the commentary for THIS comic, guess what? I did another guest comic for John Troutman's Lit Brick!

And now back to our regularly scheduled commentary.

...Actually, I don't have a lot to say about this yet. Um... Rhoda's... in a forest? And it's a little over a week after the Celida comics?

OH! Right. Here's something:

The Forest Backgrounds.

This is a rare instance where I didn't just jump in and make a 3D set to reference. In fact, the actual 3D set is incredibly simple and sparse. I was having so much trouble visualizing everything that I put together a flat map, flung that into the 3D program, and tossed in a minimal amount of 3D geometry to help me keep track of where all the trees and significant changes in elevation are. And by "3D geometry", I mean nondescript cylinders that may as well as just be little flags that say "draw a tree here, you jerk".