- Introduction of Diane
- Diane showing off detective mojo
- Diane meets Ellen and Grace, comparisons to Susan begin
- Diane in the... Uh... Scene when Rhoda and Grace hug
- Diane violently defending Rhoda-related honor
- Diane plots a vengeful lunch
- Diane plotting to seduce Elliot
- Diane being introduced to Elliot's review videos
- New Years Eve Diane
- Diane wanting more
- Diane in So A Date At The Mall

This is a question I get asked a lot, and really the answer boils down to us only really getting to know her better recently plus the massive time skip between when she was introduced and what's happened since then.

I wrote some version of "she should transform" for panel two well before I'd decided on visuals for the comic. Then I found myself unsure of what I wanted to draw as examples and unsatisfied with the comic's ending, so I asked Twitter to choose an animal with very little explanation as to why. Ultimately, I went with fennec fox for Diane's transformation.