First off, Patreon for this month is fully funded! WOOT! Once there's Patreon-based updates to share, they'll be linked to from the bottom of that days story comic commentary. Why, there's even a sketchbook being linked to at the bottom of this one for incredibly important practice.

- Look! A barely visible earring!

Allegations that I had Grace use a change blindness opportunity to grow a few inches taller simply to make staging her conversation with Justin easier are probably on to something.

Heck, I've already made Justin shorter than he used to be for that reason. He's supposed to be the tallest of the main eight, but darn it, these people have to share panels together. Who knows how much more I'll wind up shrinking all the tall characters.


A relatively common question I get is "what happened to Justin's earring?" Mostly, I just forgot to draw it enough that he canonically stopped wearing it most of the time. The reason he gives in this comic is the actual reason he used to wear it, however, and is not a retcon.

What IS a retcon, however, is my explanation for why the hell he was wearing it to his martial arts class early on. I researched piercings to see whether Justin would even still have a functional piercing (not really an issue), and in doing so, I read that you're supposed to leave them in for a good while after the iniital piercing. So that's why he was allowed to wear one for a bit: He had just gotten it recently and needed to leave it in. BAM.

(not) Patreon Funded Updates

- Giant sized "Tedd realizes he's a girl" panel sketchbook

- Updated Patreon Announcement sketchbook entry - Now includes large version link in commentary, and the text from the newspaper article.