Comic for Monday, Aug 14, 2017


Posted August 14, 2017 at 8:01 pm

Hanma was never going to be a long enough name for her. To be fair, though, this probably isn't long enough, either.

Obviously, this wasn't originally my plan. That's easily deduced by my considering whether to name her one thing or another in an "either/or" sort of way. After feedback resulted in the previous comic, however, this came to mind.

So anyway, I guess Akane is her first name? For now, anyway.

EDIT - My sincere apologies, but I am much more used to spoken Japanese than written, and it completely slipped my mind that Chan should be "-Chan" (which someone pointed out to me later). Odd as it is that she's using an honorific when referring to herself, I should at least do it properly, and I apologize for not doing so to begin with.