Comic for Friday, Jun 16, 2017


Posted June 16, 2017 at 1:00 am

And, of course, Ellen knew that her new shrink spell shrunk clothing, too. Isn't that right Ellen?

Ellen? Why are you nonchalantly whistling, Ellen?

In all honesty, I originally planned to have it not affect clothing due to the connection with the TF gun, and that being the general default with Ellen's beams. The last panel originally had narration explaining the limitation by "magic being a jerk again".

I then considered that these spells are all canon, and that I might want to actually use this in a story. With that considered, I decided I wanted the clothing to shrink, too, and that this could simply be another example of Ellen gradually moving beyond TF gun limitations (she does still seem to have a thing for beams, however).

Detail Lines

This is the comic in which I figured out how to do detail lines in a lighter-than-black value without having to manually select which grey to use based on the grey beneath it. It's a bit convoluted to explain with words, but simple to do, and involves layering, multiplied opacity, and making sure the shadow layer can't mess with them.

The bottomline, however, is that I figured out how to make it so including such lines won't significantly affect production time, which it would otherwise. So yay for subtle lines and whatnot!