Comic for Friday, May 20, 2016


Posted May 20, 2016 at 2:17 am

Really, vocal complaints about the new Ghostbusters are just helping its chances for success. Fans of the original Ghostbusters will decide for themselves, and those without strong opinions will just see it if they feel like it, and more people who've heard of it, the more likely they are to see it.

There are two primary threats to the movie's success: Bad reviews / word of mouth, and/or a highly anticipated movie being released at the same time that audiences will favor. Granted, with a July release, the latter sounds highly probable, and will ultimately determine whether I see it. If I'm in the mood to see a movie, and there isn't something fun I want to see more, I'm probably going to see it.

I was about to type that reviews might be a factor for me, but given the bias about it being a Ghostbusters reboot, can I even trust reviews for this movie? Eh, whatever. My desire for popcorn and competition from other movies will decide for me.

Meanwhile, there's foreign box office success, which may well mean we'll wind up with a trilogy out of it regardless of what America's opinion of it winds up being.

Behind Ze Scenes

I'm experimenting with trying to be looser with my art process, which mostly means trying to use 3D references less. I'm not sure how noticeable this will be to other people, but it makes a big difference to my process, and I think it might be more fun for me.

This seems like a good time to try it out in general given there'll be a Q&A going on in the story section for a bit, and over here in EGS:NP, it's, well, EGS:NP. I did a storyline about the Writer's Block being a detective in EGS:NP. I do what I want over here.

The idea to experiment with this came about as a result of the Rad Squirrel storyline and how much of that was chibi styled. Being less concerned with perfect perspective for every last flipping panel was a change of pace I immediately missed once it was over.

So, art experimentation ahoy! Or something. Not sure how to end this commentary. That seemed like a high note to end it on, but I've ruined that now. Oh well.