Comic for Wednesday, Jul 1, 2015


Posted July 1, 2015 at 1:22 am

As of the time of me writing this commentary, I have not tried this. In theory, it'll work. The Healing Hands spell heals 10 life per second, and the Frostbite spell deals 8 damage per second, so assuming you're durable and keep moving, it should be possible to just keep doing it. That, and so long as you don't have a certain restoration perk, the cold damage to their stamina will prevent power attacks and make them easier to dodge.

How's THAT for a nerdy opening paragraph? Of course, by the time the next commentary is posted, I'll have tried this, so maybe it doesn't work for some reason.

Speaking of nerdiness, don't bother nitpicking Grace saying "healing" and "attack" instead of "Restoration" and "Destruction". I used those words because "restoration" and "descruction" in a speech bubble that also had to include "enchanting" was ridiculously difficult to work into the panel composition. That, and it makes the comic a bit more clear for anyone who hasn't played The Elder Scrolls and Skyrim, but I really only changed it because big words are big and were popping my word balloon.